Why is it important to exercise regularly?

Exercise, the very word a lot of people dread to hear. Most people would rather sit down all day and watch TV or play video games. Heck I think it would be so nice to sit around all day and do nothing either it’s so much easier to be lazy. So why should we exercise? There are many reasons one should exercise, some may exercise because they want to lose weight others because they want to have a healthy lifestyle. There are many reasons to do it especially for diabetics.

So why should a diabetic exercise? Well having an active lifestyle helps lower and maintain good healthy blood glucose levels. People who tend to have trouble with their blood glucose levels usually do not exercise as much as they should. You do not always have to go hard when you work out a simple jog or maybe a walk can do wonders to help lower your blood glucose.

Seeing the numbers on the weight scale go down is also a reason to exercise. Sometimes losing weight may be what you need to drastically improve your life with diabetes. Being overweight may lead to an increased risk in diabetes complications. Being overweight can lead to insulin resistance, which lowers the effectiveness of insulin in your body. Insulin resistance can potentially lead to higher blood glucose levels and in turn this can lead to other complications due to high blood sugar.

Do you feel like you need more energy? Well believe it or not exercising also helps you feel more energized. Have you ever spent the whole day laying down on your bed or sitting on the couch doing nothing? Then after a few hours you want to do something but you feel sluggish and have no energy. Exercising regularly helps not only your body but your mind as well. You will feel revitalized and more energetic after a workout than after sitting down all day in front of a screen.


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