Why are New Year’s resolutions so hard to stick to?

It’s nearing the end of the 2nd week of the New Year, during this time most people are already over their new year’s resolutions. New Year’s resolutions tend to fail quickly due to the big drastic changes people pursue right away. This may be either a big weight loss goal or they may want to begin working out 5 days a week when before they wouldn’t even do it one day a week! This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to change your life in the beginning of the New Year if anything I think it’s a great time. However you should always start with smaller goals that over time will lead to a grand goal you have in mind.

As a diabetic some of these new goals you may try to go for are to reach a lower target blood glucose level, exercise more, or maybe even loss a bit of weight you might have gained over the holidays. For example let’s say you want to start to exercise more. Going from 0 to few workout days to 5-6 days a week for 1 hour each day can seem overwhelming. The first week may be easier since you are motivated but once that runs out it may be difficult to continue. Instead you should try 2 days week for 30 minutes each day. The activity you do may be something simple like jogging or even playing some sports with friends. Once you have made a habit of those 2 days of exercise a part of your lifestyle you may then either add more days or extend the amount of time you spend exercising daily.

The trick is to make you sure you are setting up smaller goals that in the end lead to one grand goal. This works well with anything you wish to improve on in your life. Yes some people may be able to do go after big goals and stick to them right away, but this is something I believe everyone can do. You will see once you stick to your goals and eventually reach whatever it is you were trying to do. You will feel a great sense of accomplishment and realized that there were many things you learned on the road to your goal.

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