Driving with Diabetes

Once you are diagnosed with diabetes there are certain steps you will need to go through before you can begin driving again. You will need to be evaluated every few months by your doctor to ensure that your diabetes is under control and you can operate a motor vehicle without problems. While this may make driving more tedious, it is required for the safety of yourself and others. As accidents involving diabetics who experience low or high blood sugars on the road aren’t uncommon.

Staying safe while on the road

Studies have shown that those with type 1 diabetes have had more collisions related to hypoglycemia problems. This is why it is important to always check your blood sugar before you drive and to make sure to have some carbohydrates should you experience low blood sugars while on the road. Most people don’t realize how dangerous it can be to have a hypoglycemic episode while driving; it can cause you to lose focus or worse, faint which can lead to a major accident.

It is required by law to have medical evaluations for diabetics before they can drive. These aren’t only limited to diabetics, other disorders or diseases also require medical evaluations to drive.

Remember if you are ever experiencing an unusual low blood sugar or very high blood sugar and are not feeling well DO NOT drive to the hospital. If possible have someone drive you or call for an ambulance. This is not only for your safety but the safety of others as well.

Medical ID’s
One thing you should always carry with you is a medical id bracelet or necklace. This should include your information such as address, emergency contact, your name and it should state that your have either type 1 or type 2 diabetes. This is important in case you should lose conscious and require medical assistance. It will be easy to identify that you have diabetes and the proper medical assistance can be given. These come in many styles and are very affordable all diabetics should be required to have one with them at all times.

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