Drinking Alcohol with Diabetes

Alcohol some people hate it others love it. Some claim it is beneficial to have 1 drink every day others swear its poison to your body. No matter what you believe one thing is certain. Alcohol has different effects on patients with diabetes. While a few drinks may make a person without diabetes feel a bit tipsy, to a person with diabetes those few drinks can drastically change the levels of glucose in their blood. It’s important for a diabetic to moderate themselves when drinking alcohol and to take extra precautions

Before going out to drink diabetics should always check their blood sugars to make sure it is in their target range. Drinking alcohol lowers your blood sugar so be sure to take a snack with you if you will be drinking. It is recommended to only drink 1 drink of alcohol and to avoid using sweeteners or substitute them for sugar free sweeteners. If you will be drinking beer try and stick to the light beers as they have lower carbohydrates than the normal ones. Most people don’t how much alcohol is 1 drink. Different alcohol is measured different, 1 drink of hard alcohol is 2 oz. and beer is 12 oz.

This may seem like a very small amount of alcohol but it is what is recommended for diabetics. Here are a few tips to make help you enjoy your alcohol.
• Be sure to drink your alcohol with food
• Enjoy your alcohol with friends
• Savor your alcohol don’t gulp it all down at once.

When going out drinking be sure to always wear your medical ID Bracelet. Alcohol has the habit of lowering your blood sugar. Having your medical id bracelet lets others know should you ever faint from low blood sugars of what medical aid should be administered. Remember just you are diabetic does not mean you cannot enjoy alcohol anymore. you may not be able to consume it as much as you used to, but this is all for your health. Remember to drink in moderation and NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE.


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