Differences between type one and type two diabetes

If you are on this websites you might be wondering why there is sugar in your urine. One of the most common reasons why is due to a disease called diabetes. This is when your body has some issues creating or using insulin. At first this may sound like a very overwhelming health issue but it can actually be very easily mitigated by making some lifestyle adjustments. Before we get into those why don’t we first explain the what different types of diabetes are.

Type 1 Diabetes
If you happen to have type 1 diabetes you don’t have to feel bad. There was nothing that you could have done to avoid it. Type one is passed down via genetics. Type 1 requires you to constantly have to inject insulin because your body is not able to produce its own. You also have to more regularly check your levels.

Type 2 Diabetes
This type is actually caused by making lots of bad lifestyle choices. So things like eating the wrong thing over and extended period of type and or putting on too much weight. Type twos do not need to continually inject insulin. With this one your body actually builds resistance against insulin.

How to get rid of the sugar in your urine?
Like we mentioned earlier its just a matter of making some lifestyle changes. The first one would be to exercise more regularly. Any sort of regular physical exercise helps so just go out there and be active. The next thing would be to watch what you eat. Next time you go out for a burger opt for a whole wheat bun instead of a white bread. Simple changes like this will make a huge difference.

Check out this videos to get more information:

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