Cold weather and diabetes

While December may bring candy canes, presents, and fun times with the family it also brings cold and chilly weather. What some diabetics don’t realize is that the cold weather may also affect your blood glucose levels. Cold Temperatures may also affect the hands and feet. Extra care is needed to stay safe and protected.

Keep your diabetic supplies out of extreme cold.
It is important to not let your blood glucose monitor and test strips out in cold temperatures. Cold weather affects the reading and effectiveness of the test strips. Any damage to these could result in incorrect blood glucose readings. It is also important to keep insulin and medication out extreme cold weather as the insulin may freeze and reduce its effectiveness.

Avoid getting sick.
When you are sick your body is stressed and this may lead to higher or irregular blood glucose levels. Being sick might also change your eating habits further affecting your blood sugar. It also takes longer for patients with diabetes to recover from a cold or flu which can increase the chance for complications. If you get sick it is important to take a day or 2 to recover and avoid any further complications.

Watch your feet
The cold weather may make your toes and feet numb. Wear protective clothing to keep them warm especially in the snow. Be sure to apply moisturizer to keep your feet skin healthy. Inspect your feet regularly and check for any injuries or cuts if you notice any injuries not healing seek medical help right away.

Keep your hands warm
Cold hands may make it harder to get a good blood glucose reading. Be sure to warm your hands before testing your blood glucose, wash your hands with warm water prior to testing if you have cold hands.

Stick to your workout routine
It may be hard to stay on track with your workout schedule during the cold weather. Staying on track is important for your health and diabetes management. If need be change up your workout to something indoors if it is too cold to go outside.

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