Are sugar-free foods really better?

Someone told me that sugar-free foods does not raise or affect a diabetics blood sugar levels in anyway. You might have also heard that diabetics can only eat special diabetics foods that have no sugar in them. This is not true at all, sugar-free foods have carbohydrates and can still raise your blood sugar levels if consumed excessively. Diabetics are not required to only consume special diabetes food as these foods are not really different from the other foods. In fact a lot of times those special sugar free foods may be worse for your overall health than their normal counterparts.
Sugar-free foods usually contain something that is called sugar alcohols. Sugar alcohol is a form of alcohol that is made from sugar. You may notice in the nutrition facts on sugar free food, under sugars there’s sugar alcohols.


The advantages of having sugar alcohols in food instead of normal sugar are lower calories, which can help reduce weight gain, and better blood glucose level management. Now you may think well that sounds great it’s the same food I like that is healthier than its normal counterpart. Unfortunately foods made with sugar alcohol instead of normal sugar have a slightly different taste than normal food. You might think that is not so bad since it has great benefits such as better diabetes control. However that is not the case as not only does it have a different taste, but in order to have it taste better extra sodium or fat is added. That’s right sugar free foods have more fat and sodium in them than the normal food. So if you are trying to avoid a certain amount of sodium or fat sugar-free foods are worse than normal food.
Next time you are out shopping and notice something that is sugar-free try and compare both the nutrition facts from its normal recipe you will notice the extra amount of fat or sodium added. Sugar-free food is also more expensive, sometimes it’s best to reduce the portion size of a normal recipe for yourself than substituting for sugar-free foods.

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